How to Flirt Online For Man

How to Flirt Online For Man

So, you want to know how to flirt online…. Well, you’re in luck, because flirting online is actually easier than flirting in person!

WHY? …

Because the fact that you are not physically present with the person, allows you to release your inhibitions, relax and have a conversation that may not have been possible if you were face-to-face with the person. Here are some little things you can do in your quest to learn how to flirt online:

Begin by greeting the person politely, but if it is someone you already know then just be more friendly and type «hey, what’s up?» or something like that. However, if it is the first time you’re chatting with the girl, then try not to use too much Internet Acronyms(which means shorten words). You can do this later when your more familiar with the person.

Don’t just jump into flirting right after you saying hi… chit chat a little bit, talk about sports, the weather, popular movies, music, gossip, or whatever it is that your into. Gauge her responses, so you can figure an appropriate time to begin flirting with her. Remember you’re not flirting with her in person, so you don’t have the body language and tonality to back it up.
After you have been chatting with her for a while, and you can sense that she really enjoy chatting with you, then you can make your moves. Since they won’t be able to see your body language, you can use the emoticons (little faces that displays several of emotions can be found for all chatting systems) to depict the way that you are making a statement or asking a question.

This will not necessarily ensure that there are no misunderstandings, though. The emoticons will display the general meaning or way the statement is made; but, because you cannot use vocal inflections you still must be mindful of the words you choose to use.

Keep your individuality in check. The easiest way to remain true is to be true from the beginning. Try not to use one tone for the initial contact and then switch to ‘normal’ after a few chatting sessions. The girl chatting with you, can sense that you’re not being real to her, and you’re only using tricks or routines to make her attracted to you. This is a huge turn off to the ladies, and some girls might not want to ever chat with you again.

Don’t send too many flirtatious messages in a row. Alternate the flirting with regular conversation, because too much of anything is boring. If you flirt too often and too much, you risking coming on too strong, or maybe even being viewed as a pervert.

Online flirtation can be achieved in the same way you would achieve a conversation. Remember a conversation is a two-way street; your flirting should be as well. If you find that the person is not flirting back they might be downright not interested or they may not be in the mood to flirt. If you are not receiving positive feedback, then stop for a while, and try it again later.

So, now that you know how to flirt online you can start right away with someone you have been chatting with for a while and really like. Begin applying what you have learned right away, as it takes time to master the art of flirting online.

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