How to Ask a Girl Out

How to Ask a Girl Out

You’ve met the girl of your dream, and now you’ve been asking the age-old question of how to ask a girl out. The truth is that, asking a girl out doesn’t have to be a gut-wrenching experience as everyone makes it out to be.
It all comes down to how much courage you have. Can you just walk up to her and ask? How prepared are you to take the rejection? Will you take it in stride and still maintain your manhood. If you have tried time and time again only to be rejected, you will want to hear from experts in the field. All it really takes is some patience, and a bit of courage. So here are some step-by-step tips to how to ask a girl out.

Step #1: Just Say Hi…

Start with baby steps if this is your first time, you don’t have to be like James Bond the first time you ask a girl out. The first time you meet her say ‘hi, ’ that’s all it takes. You don’t have to ask her out the first time you talk to her. Just say ‘hi, ’ flash a smile, and go on your merry way.
She will feel more relaxed the next time she sees you around her, as she will remember you as the nice guy that just said ‘hi’ and didn’t want anything out of it. If you see the girl often, then you can do this a few times before you actually engage in conversation, because you don’t have to worry about not seeing her again.

Step #2: Start Small Conversations

In the second, third or fourth instance that you see her, and if you feel comfortable enough to talk to her, then go over say ‘hi’, and start a small conversations with her. Keep the conversation short, fun, and light, don’t try to push for date if just yet.

If you always see her at the same spot, you can strike up a conversation by saying something like, «you really love this spot, don’t you» or something similar. Again, you don’t have to ask her out right away, if you don’t feel she’s comfortable with you yet. Give her a little more time.

Step #3: Start Flirting and Get Her Contacts

After you’ve engaged in a couple of conversations with her, and you feel that she begin to feel comfortable around you, then you can begin flirting with her. Begin subtly at first to see how she will accept this gesture.
If she accepts you flirting with her, then ask her for her number or email address. But keep in mind that if she rejects your advance, DO NOT GET angry or over react to her rejection. Be cool, just say «ok» or laugh it off and try it again alter.

Step #4: First Phone Call

Now that you got her number or email, you will need to make your first call or email. During the first phone call or email, keep the conversations light and fun, with a little flirting in the midst. Also keep talking to her the next time you see her in person again, keep building comfort and connection with her every chance you get, don’t stop!

Step #5: Ask Her Out

By now she should be very comfortable around you, and you should feel the same, so it’s time to ask her out. But don’t ever ask her out over an email or a text message, instead do it over the phone or in person. This will make it seem more special, as well as display your self-confidence because you’re putting yourself out there to be rejected.

Yes you’ll still risk getting rejected, but if you’ve played your cards right. Then chances are, after all the time you have spent together, she won’t be able to say no, nor will she want to. When you finally hear that ‘yes’ that you’ve been waiting for, you will realize just how easy it was to learn how to ask a girl out. With just a little patience in waiting on the opportune time to make your move, asking her out was a simple task after all.

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