How not to be BORING to Women

How not to be BORING to Women

One of the biggest key to understanding how to attract women is to be INTRIGUE or in other words “to not be boring to her!” What you want, is to be a woman’s fantasy. You want to be that guy that she is always thinking about, or dreams about, the guy that she just can’t get out of her mind.
But how do you become intriguing and unforgettable to women?

The  answer is simple…  just don’t do whatever other guy do, or if you’re already in a relationship just don’t fall in to the everyday routines that most couples go through. Vary your life style a little, and vary the way your present yourself as well, be adventurist.

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This doesn’t mean that you have to be Peter Pans one day and Captain Hook the next day. Alright, I know maybe this isn’t the best example, but you get the idea. The point is that you don’t want to be an actor you still want to be you, but you want her to keep on guessing at the same time. She should generally have a good idea of who you are but never k now exactly what to expect, get the idea?

If you’re still confused don’t worry, I’ll tell you what you have to do to keep her intrigued about you later, but before that you need to get this idea through you thick headed skull. And I don’t care what you do to get it in to your head, just do it.

And the idea is…

Women are drawn towards men who are unpredictable and the younger they are the more truth there is to this statement. Most women love to be surprised, they love not knowing what you are going to say, or what to expect out of you at any given moment. And this idea of surprise or unknown build tremendous amount of attraction with a woman if done correctly for two reasons.

One being surprised generates excitements, and women love excitement actually in fact everybody love excitements. The second reason is that women like to be led, and by you being mysterious and doing something that out of her ordinary lately life you’re showing leadership.

Anyway, now that you understand why it is important to be mysterious in order to keep a women attracted to you let’s talk about how can you actually accomplish this.

Ok, so what you want to do is vary the persona a little bit every once a while, but still keep to who you are. In other words without going out of your way to be someone you’re not. And one of the simplest things you can to add a little spice to the relationship is by changing your appearance just A LITTLE BIT.

If you usually wear shirts and jeans, maybe you can wear shorts and t-shirt and have a pair of sandals to go with them. If you have had the same type of hair style for years, go to a stylist and try something new. Again, make all the changes that you want, BUT still keep to WHO YOU ARE, DO NOT GO OVER BOARD.

The point is to create an unpredictable image in her mind, so you will keep her intrigued. Now, if you’re the type of guy that don’t like to mess with your style, and have particular style that you always like to stick to, then don’t change your appearance there are other way to create the sense of mystery with the girl.

You can always down play a part of your personality and only bring it out once a while. For example: if you are really funny and energetic most of the time, then maybe some times you can be quiet and clam. Everybody has multiple side of themselves that they don’t always show. I’m not asking you do act like someone that you’re not. I’m just asking you to bring out a side of you that maybe you usually never show anyway.

Another real simple thing you can do if you’re in a relationship already to be unpredictable with your girl is that you can change the venues that you guys always go to do date nights. If you guys always go eat Italian, go eat Chinese instead, or you can even just go to dinner and eat pancakes. It doesn’t matter what you do just do something different then what you usually do every single time.

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